Frequently Asked Questions

Paperwork  Card receipts

Why do we need copies of the credit or debit card statements?
We need these as your bank or card provider will ask for proof of payment when we present your claim.
Am I safe in providing these copies to you?
Yes. You are completely safe because we do not ask you for your 3 digit security code on the back of your card. Without this we cannot charge your card. All we need to see is the payment for your disputed product going out of your account.
I do not have any copy statements on file – how can I get them?
If you have online banking, you can search online and print them off.
I do not have online banking and cannot find the statement I need – what do I do?
You can call your bank or credit card company and request that they email or post them to you.
Where do I find the right number to call my bank or credit card company?
All cards have a contact number for the customer services department on the back.
How do I find the number to call if I no longer have that card?
You can find the contact numbers for most major banks and credit card companies here.
What information will the bank or credit card company want when I call?
You will need to tell them the approximate month and year of purchase, the amount and the seller’s name. Please note that sometimes the sellers of goods or services use different company names to charge your card so ensure that you are clear on the amounts taken to try to match up the transaction.
What happens if a different company name has charged my card?
We could still proceed with your claim.
How long will it take before the bank or credit card company posts me the copies?
It typically takes around 2 weeks to receive the copies.
What do I do if they do not arrive within 2 weeks?
Please call your bank or card issuer again and make them aware that these copies are urgent.
Will the bank charge me for this service?
Most banks provide them for free. However, if they do charge you, it will likely be a nominal fee of £10.
Can I call into my local branch and ask them to help me find the statements?
Yes you can. Most banks are helpful in this matter.
What happens if I cannot get or find the copy bank or credit card statements showing the purchase?
We can write to the bank or credit card company on your behalf to request the copies. They will ask for a fee of £10 to cover their costs to do this, so we ask you to post to us a cheque for this amount made payable to your bank or credit card issuing company. We will send this along with our request.
How long will they take to provide this information to you?
We typically receive this information from the bank within 8 weeks.
What happens when you get this information?
We will review the information and confirm to you if the statements we need have arrived.
What happens if the bank refuses to provide this information?
We will report the bank or card provider to the Financial Ombudsman, who will then investigate their behaviour and more than likely fine them for not being helpful.
Can the Financial Ombudsman demand that the bank or card company provide the information?
Yes they can. Please note that this is always subject to the rules of data storage and availability.
What happens if the card statement is still not found?
Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with a claim for you without this information.
Can I make this type of claim myself?
Yes. You are fully entitled to present the claim directly to your bank or credit card provider.
What happens if I present the claim myself and I lose?
Then you are entitled to present your claim to the Financial Ombudsman to consider.
What happens if I lose both of these claims?
Then you are left with the options of asking a solicitor to undertake legal action on your behalf or accepting the decision from the Ombudsman and stopping all actions.
Will CCC take on my case after I have presented my own claim and lost?
No. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any claims of this type.


Paperwork – Supplier Receipts

Why do you need copies of the seller or service provider receipts?
We need this as your card provider or bank will ask for proof of purchase when we present your credit card claim.
What if the only receipt I have is an email?
This is an acceptable receipt and we can use this without a problem.
What happens if I did not get a receipt from the seller or service provider?
Please contact the supplier again and request a copy for your records. We would advise you not not inform them that you are making a claim as they may not then send the information you requested.
What happens if I cannot get a copy of the receipt?
Please check if you have any correspondence with the supplier or service provider – for example, an email or text order sent from you to them or a basic email or text response from them confirming receipt of your order.
Can you still proceed with my claim if I do not have a receipt?
Yes we can, but you will have to have a copy of your bank statement or credit card statement showing the purchase. This is the minimum that we would need to present a claim on your behalf.


Suppliers – Service Providers

Why do you ask if you have made a written complaint?
We can use this as evidence if the seller or service provider has not responded to you or not dealt with your complaint in the correct manner.
I sent an email complaint – is this good enough?
Yes, this is good evidence that you attempted to resolve the issue correctly.
I sent a letter to complain and I have a copy of this letter – is this good enough evidence?
Yes, this is good evidence that you attempted to resolve the issue correctly.
I made my complaint via telephone or my mobile – can this be used as evidence?
Yes, we can accept this. You will have to write down what happened, including dates and times if you can remember, and sign as a statement of the facts.
Can I post this evidence to Credit Card Claims?
Yes, you can always post any documents. Please see the contact page for our address.