So You Found A “Great Deal” On Clothing...

11:08 01/08/2016

So you found a great deal on clothing from an online seller that turned out not to be such a great deal after all, leaving you wishing you could get a credit card refund. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we can’t resist a bargain, even if deep down,

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The Potential Dangers Of Online Shopping

12:07 31/07/2016

Bricks and mortar sellers of computer hardware and software – sellers who have an actual shop which you can walk into and look around – tend to be highly reputable, and rarely get involved in credit card refund claims under Section 75. You know where they are. They exist at a

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Section 75 Can Help You Avert Christmas Disaster

11:07 30/07/2016

Millions of people shop online during the Christmas holiday season – and some of them end up needing to call on the protection of Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. And if you think it's too early to start shopping, you'll be very disappointed when you find everything has

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You, Your Shoes and Section 75

19:07 29/07/2016

So you found an incredible deal on a new pair of high end shoes online, but you were left seething, and wondering how you could get a refund on your credit card. You got so excited that you placed the order at once, not really worrying much that you’d never

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You Bought Expensive Headphones But They Don't Arrive

15:07 29/07/2016

Here’s another perfect example case study for when it’s time to apply for a section 75 refund. You find yourself in the market for a new pair of high-end wireless headphones. You’re looking for something that’s bluetooth compatible, with cutting edge noise cancellation technology and can deliver exquisite, concert hall

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It’s Always Exciting To Buy Online, Except When…

11:07 29/07/2016

Shopping online makes every day feel like Christmas, but you do open yourself to credit card scams. An endless variety of products, and some truly astounding deals are there to tempt you. In most cases, when you buy online, you don’t encounter any problems, but care must be taken when buying

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When Is A Good Deal Not Such A Good Deal?

08:07 29/07/2016

If you’re an antique book collector, you know how valuable the internet can be in finding those rare titles for your collection. You may also know that it can leave you needing a credit card refund. Before the days of the internet, you either had to buy from local stocks, or

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Know Your Consumer Credit Card Rights

19:07 28/07/2016

Imagine dreaming about your favourite band. You’ve listened to them on the radio. You’ve bought their records and now they are coming to play live at a city near you. You go online to buy tickets and you find a dozen different sites selling them. They all look like legitimate websites

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Section 75 And Your DVD Collection

15:07 28/07/2016

DVDs can present a bit of a complication where applying for a Section 75 refund is concerned and we’ll explain why just below in order to maximise your chances of success when filing a credit card claim under the provisions of the UK’s Consumer Credit Act. The reason for the complication

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Clothes, Section 75 And Credit Card Claims

11:07 28/07/2016

Everyday, millions of people prowl the internet looking for fantastic bargains on everything from clothing to electronics. Unfortunately, scam artists are fully aware that there are plenty of people looking for unbelievable deals, and are only too willing to take advantage of that fact, leaving you looking for a credit

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